RE/MAX Synergy entered the 2014 Chicago Tough Mudder in Richmond, IL on Saturday May 10th. Our Mud Team featured Al Vallejo, Paul Hoffman, Rory Wilfong and Renaud Biscarrat (right to left below).


I like these events because they remind you that not being selfishly individualistic doesn’t equate to being a softy. Being tough isn’t about stepping on people’s faces. It’s about mental grit, not about being a jerk.


Selling real estate is exclusively commission-based, and among the professions where income is the most driven by individual efforts. Still it doesn’t preclude camaraderie. As a company, we work hard fostering that camaraderieIn this Tough Mudder, between myself (the broker-owner) and Al Vallejo (our Commercial Division Manager and the oldest in our Mud Team), the company management definitely walked the talk.


Today’s technologies, Cloud and social networks, are shaping a highly collaborative culture ("share", "like", "communities" were not really Computer Science lingo 15 years ago!). People who grew up with these technologies have more collaborative expectations. People want to excel and succeed by competing against their personal best, not necessarily to compete with or against each other. In the mud or in our offices, that’s the way we are at RE/MAX Synergy.